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CRM Software or the Customer Relationship Management module in an ERP system has a number of potential benefits. CRM Software helps improved customer targeting, better customer retention and increases sales
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eresource offers web-based Enterprise Resource Planning software for all major industries including Process Manufacturing, Discreet Manufacturing, Construction, Fleet Management and Modular Kitchen etc. With the introduction of SaaS model ereosurce ERP system, which is is available on a filtered modules basis, so that you could purchase and maintain only the modules you really need
Human Resource Management ERP
The Human Resource Module in eresource ERP has a set of rich features and integrates seamlessly with other module. Eresource ERP HR module offers you wide solutions for HR department making it possible for other department to access specific employee data. The HR modules covers all the function required in business practice and is flexible enough to optimize the bus
MRP II or Manufacturing Resource Planning by itself is the original modality of what we know now as ERP, and covered materials planning. This is part of eresource's ERP solution
For any growing business enterprises it is important to have a reliable and user-friendly ERP system with a genuine MRP module. Eresource ERP's Material Requirements Planning can organize, schedule and reschedule materials as far into the future as required
Eresource ERP Master Production Scheduling System considers all significant demands and replenishments that are identified for production, and translates those demands into a supply demand schedule for manufacturing.

Eresource ERP Master Production Scheduling system is used in conjunction with Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to schedule finished goods production and raw materials requirem




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